Connect With Flo Pay

Flo Pay has multiple options for integration: Use our platform directly through the web interface, with a plugin to an ecommerce platform, or with a custom API integration.


Flo Pay’s API integration is easy for one developer and usually takes about 1 week or less to complete. The other aforementioned options are instantly available requiring no development on your end. 

Powerful API

Create a customized payment workflow and user experience to match any use case. With a few simple lines of code, you can be up and running accepting payments. With a couple more lines of code, you can create any billing model and/or plan.

Technical Support

Our promise is to always give full technical support no matter how we work together. We are here to help any developer, merchant, partner, and customer needs. Our job is to make sure you succeed.


Our Woo-Commerce Plugin is ready to go and we have more plugins coming soon. Our plugins give you all the same functionality as our API with none of the integration work.


We believe security is about doing the maximum not the minimum. We implement cutting edge security practices throughout our entire platform and company. Our data is 256 bit end to end encrypted, Credit card data is stored on PCI compliant servers, and the Flo Pay platform never even sees or stores customer card information or bank login credentials.

Start intergrating now!