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Everything you need for your business to take payments from customers rapidly whilst saving you money.

Card Processing

  • Save money with our Interchange Plus pricing. Our Average fee is 2.37%. Switch and save 10-20% on card processing fees instantly.
  • Expand globally with our International Card processing solution. Our rates on international card acceptance are 50% less expensive than the rest of the market.
  • FLO Pay is fully PCI Compliant and removes the burdens of maintaining PCI compliance, so you can focus on your business.


ACH Transfers

  • Save up to 65% in transaction fees compared to Cards.
  • Our ACH solution is perfect for B2B, subscription, and high ticket billing. Flo makes it Easy to convert customers to paying via ACH. 
  • Choose when you want to get paid via ACH or make it another option along with credit/debit cards.
  • Customers can securely connect their bank account with bank login & password or use their account and routing number ensuring you always get paid via ACH.

Instant Invoicing

  • Send instant invoices directly to your customer’s inbox with a payment link included
  • Accept payments (both ACH/CC) over the phone for all of your services.
  • Create multiple users with permission control in your back office for all of your team members.

1 – Click Payment

  • Password free, 1-Click payment for any repeat purchase.
  • 1-Click payment is proven to increase conversion and retention of customers and while creating a better, highly secure shopping experience.
  • All merchants benefit from our always growing network of 1-Click Payment customers.
  • 1 Click buy buttons can be added to on any product on your website (coming soon).

Recurring | Metered Payments

  • Increase Sales and MRR by enabling subscription and usage based billing models. 
  • Save time and money using Flo instead of building a billing engine from scratch.
  • Set up any billing model imaginable through our merchant portal or directly with our API.

Route to the correct processor

  • With 100+ gateway connections you never have to lose a transaction again due to declines
  • Set up custom gateway rules or simply use automatic gateway failover retries 
  • Use our API to point any transaction to any gateway based on your needs

Merchant Back Office

A dynamic back office that allows you to run your business with ease.


Follow transactions from inception to collection. Look at your business data so you can gain valuable insights.

Instant Invoicing

Send invoices with built-in payment options. Customize your invoice so it matches your brand.

User Roles

Flopay lets you control which employees get access to different functions and interfaces within your merchant portal.


Send full or partial refunds on any transactions easily and quickly. Flo manages all aspects of the transaction Life-Cycle. Make it simple.

Virtual Terminal

Process transactions over the phone or in person. Let your customers pay you by Credit/Debit cards or ACH. Do business on the cloud with no hardware.


Use several processors all at once. Connect with over 100 Gateways from all around the world. Scale globally effortlessly using Flopay.

Pricing Plans

Small and large businesses alike love our pricing, we are confident you will too.


$ 19.97
Service Fee Per Month

Merchants with < $75,000 Monthly Revenue

  • Card Processing
  • 2.4% + 30₵ (Average Rate)
  • ACH Processing
  • 1.0% + 50₵
  • Recurring Auto-Pay
  • +0.5%
  • International Card Processing
  • + 0.5%


Merchants with > $1,500,000 Monthly Revenue

  • Custom Pricing to match your needs!

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