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Code Free Payments

Our Chrome extension allow you to send Text and Email payment links quickly with no integration.

Text Payments

No code integration for Text pay works with any CRM or Backoffice

Email Payments

No code integration for Email Invoices works with any CRM or Backoffice


Installing The Extension

  1. Download the Chrome Extension from the above link.
  2. Unzip the downloaded folder.
  3. In the Chrome Main Menu, click on Extensions | Manage Extensions.
  4. In the upper right side of the Extensions page, turn on Developer mode.
  5. Click "Load unpacked" on the Extensions page.
  6. Browse to the unzipped folder and install it into chrome.

Setting up the Extension

  1. Pin the Extension in the Chrome Extensions Toolbar.
  2. Click on the Extension widget in the Chrome Toolbar to open it.
  3. Click the hamburger menu in the extension and select login.
  4. Login using your FloPay user and password, if you do not have an account, sign up at
  5. You will need a merchant account in order to use FloPay.

Setting up a Page to use with FloPay

  1. FloPay will put a small widget on the browser current page.
  2. Navigate your CRM or Backoffice to a page with order or cart information.
  3. Use the picker to record where the FloPay extension can find contact and order information.
  4. Click Save.
  5. The next time you open a similar an order or cart, FloPay will attempt to automatically load the customer information.
  6. If the page loads slowly, click load once the page has fully loaded.

Sending Payment links

  1. Click "Text Payment Link" to send the cardholder a link to pay by text.
  2. Click "Email Payment Link" to send the cardholder a link to pay by email.
  3. Once the customer has completed the payment the widget will receive notice if the user is on the customers page in the CRM.

Development Previews

  1. Dev v0.01
  2. Dev v0.02
  3. Dev v0.03
  4. Dev v0.04
  5. Dev v0.05

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